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Pashupati Sharma Exclusive Interview

ScoNepalnews, 23 October 2017 : Pashupati Sharma is not an unknown name for people who are familiar with contemporary Nepali folk music, for he has provided dohori lovers—living in and out of the country—with some of the most fun tunes to dance to and contemplate on.

Born in Syangja, Sharma has been singing dohori ever since he can remember—the genre being the most loved art form of the place. In 2002, Sharma’s parents sent him to Kathmandu to become an engineer, but he secretly started performing duets in a bar called Saptakoshi Dohori Sanjh located in Chabahil instead. Later, he started taking part in live dohori competitions, in which he often landed in the top positions. here watch live dohori between pasupati sharma and Chandra karki on khairenitar mahotsab

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