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Hot Spring Bath Nepal (Tatopani Kunda Myagdi)

Tatopani is located on Dhaulagari Zone, Myagdi District,Singha VDC ward no 4. Tatopani lies on the bank of Myagdi River west from Beni Bazar, the headquarter of Myagdi District via approximately 9 km of gravel road. The distance from Kathmandu to Tatopani is 297 km and from Pokhara 92 km. Going Back to the history of hot spring, it was unmanaged in terms of basic infrastructures like drinking water, tap system, proper latrines, structure of the spring, cleanliness of the hot spring, roadways, etc. There was lack of lodges and hotels facilities for Travelers and visitors coming from various places for a bath in the hot spring. They were compelled to spend the nights on the road, cave or under a tree. The spring had the rush of people only during the months from January to March and the remaining months used to be limited.


The temperature at the hot spring ranges from 45*C to 48*C and is 54*C to 57*C at the foundation. The water in this hot spring consists of great amount of black salt and phosphorus which itself is a natural antibiotic. Due to this reason, the diseases are not transferable from one another while sharing the bath at the hot spring. By taking continuous bath in this hot spring, diseases like gastric, rheumatism, uric acid, back ache, skin disease, swelling, goiter and arthritis have been found to be cured. Depending on the nature and condition of the disease, people take bath in the hot spring for a period of couple of days to even weeks. The hot spring can occupy up to approximately 300 people at a time.

The hot spring exists as an important heritage among all the Nepalese people and not just to the people of Singha village or Myagdi district. It has been one of the major tourist attractions in Nepal. It is our duty to pay proper attention towards management and conservation of the hot springs as it is one of the naturally significant medicative place. The committee of the hot spring humbly requests everybody’s suggestions and regards for the development of the hot spring.
Source : Singa Tatopani FB

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