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Yoga Meditation with Puskar Raj Panta

PUSKAR RAJ PANT Sportsman, Yoga Teacher and Combative Martial Arts Expert Mr. Puskar Raj Pant is skilled sportsman with over two decades of experience in national and international events. He has been continuously contributing in advancement of sport and physical health of Nepalese people through various training programs. His expertise in yoga, pranayam, physical exercise and combative martial arts is of great value in enrichment of health and physical fitness of many people all over the country. Mr. Pant carries many experiences in different fields spanning teaching in School, Colleges, Facilitate training & organizing Yoga Camps, addressing Workshop on Yoga for Sports, Positive Attitude, Life Management, Stress Management, Mind Management, Self healing, Spiritual Therapy etc. His team of Spots Promotion Organization of Nepal (SPON) completed a pilot study in impact of Yoga in Sportsperson that is published in international best journal in USA in 2011. He is the first person who implemented Yoga in Sports in Nepal.

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