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Wants to join Rabindra Mishra new party

Rabindra Mishra is one amongst the foremost powerful journalists WHO is in style as a result of his interview presentation that’s broadcast on BBC Asian nation. these days an incident was command in Kathmandu that was targeted to boost voice against corruption. On the event Rabindra Mishra was gift and gave a brief and sweet speech that was a robust that got sensible clap and support from people that came there to attend the event. Rabindra Mishra same that by organizing such program won’t facilitate to decrease or stop corruption in Asian nation however can|it’ll} facilitate to create corrupt individuals feel ashame after they will see North American country sporting this tshirt that states Bhrastachari Lai Keera Paros. Rabindra Mishra says that he’s invariably in action once there area unit such programs that may facilitate to eliminate corruption from the system of Asian nation. Watch associate degree exclusive video coverage of Rabindra Mishra’s short speech : Watch Video By ; Bikashatv is the one of the online tv which gives alots of information about politics,entertainment,latest movies updates etc.Bikashatv also run a exclusive interviews,gossips of popular person which are related in different fields.

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